Field more than 25 classes of units.

Deploy infantry, tanks, helicopters, special forces and air defenses, using latest equipment.

Initiate stealth attacks and launch deadly off-map air strikes.

Destruction will be omnipresent.

Battle for victory in enthralling air and ground combat!

Game Overview Units (soon)


Fight with up to 16 players.

Combine 5 roles to profit from their individual strengths and to balance their weaknesses.

Prepare tactics for battles yet to come.

Create clans and fight in arena matches.

Stream matches without performance loss.

Scheme together, play together. Teamplay is more important than ever!

Create / join clan Tactical Room (soon)


Hunt for ranks, awards and reputation.

Assign missions as a commander.

Enhance your units, special abilities and strikes.

Create your own private army and make your mark on the battlefield.

Control the proceedings with Tactical Strikes!

Create your PMC (soon)