Website is live!

Greetings future Commanders and Generals,


It gives us great pleasure to finally announce that as of January 1st, 2019, the official website for Tactical Strikes – European War will be live and will be providing you with a steady flow of news and information regarding our beloved project. While the updates that we can provide you with at the moment are small, each and every one of them is a huge leap for us towards our collective goal which is creating an awesome and fun real-time strategy game.

The team that is working very hard to make this goal a reality is steadily growing and size and is making notable progress every day and while we are sorry that we can’t tell you everything right now, we can assure you that from today onwards, you will be receiving a constant stream of news and updates regarding the project. 

We are aware that this some of you might be impatient and are really looking forward to Tactical Strikes – European War but, as most of you can assume, these kinds of projects are never easy and can be very unpredictable so we would like to make sure that every bit of information that we share is bulletproof when it comes to its authenticity.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of you who have supported us this far on our journey and also welcome all of the future players of this game and members of this community because you are and have always been the backbone of this project.


Expect to hear from us more news very soon,

until then


Your Tactical Strikes team

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