What is Tactical Strikes?

Dear future generals and commanders,

We know that you are eager to know more details about the Tactical Strikes project so in order to satisfy your curiosity a bit, we have decided to share some more information about the game itself as well as its story so sit back, relax and enjoy these juicy details that we have prepared for you.

As most of you probably know, Tactical Strikes is a real-time strategy game that was created with a heavy focus on tactical gameplay in mind. The game is designed to mostly be played in multiplayer mode and as such, it will feature competitive gameplay events such as matches, leagues and even tournaments.

The game is designed on an expanded rock, paper, scissors gameplay concept where the key element of the game is five different roles out of which players can choose to fulfill only one. Every role is designed to be focused on a single military aspect and all of them are co-dependent with each other which means that teamwork will be crucial if you wish to achieve victory and live to fight another day. These roles include infantry, tanks, anti-air units, helicopters, and special forces.

Tactical Strikes will feature different factions and all of the units within those factions are based on existing military units in order to keep the game realistic as much as possible and make the game feel more immersive. Within the factions, there will be different roles available which are loosely representative of the usual military branches. Gameplay will be focused on the action aspect of the battles as well as balancing all your units, roles, and your factions. While the unit behavior will not match the behavior of real military units, it will ensure the maximum amount of fun for all players.

The main story of the game is set in the present time in Northern Africa and Europe, but in an alternate world where a huge economic and social crisis has hit Europe. The overall feel of the story is very realistic and gets progressively darker as nations slowly but surely deteriorate ravaged by war and chaos. We realize that a lot of the information that we have provided you is limited and barely scratches the surface of the game features, rest assured that we will be providing you with the detailed analysis of each and every one of the features as the project progresses.

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