"You'll have a bright future, brighter than we can ever imagine!" 

That's what they kept telling me as a child. Those words echoed in my head as I witnessed the break out of yet another economic crisis. A new bubble, started by the 2008 crisis… And an even bigger burst. Now all I see is those words turning into ash as riots and terrorist attacks become part of our everyday lives without a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

Life today? A mess. Continental Europe? Bankrupt. The US? Gone. They left NATO years ago. Hell, I bet our troops wouldn’t be able to protect us from a horde of Neanderthals in their current state. And that new SAFE initiative? We'll see what their summit in March brings. Something is brewing in Africa again and I doubt they can set things right.It doesn’t make me feel safe at all. Personally, I'd rather trust my local militia.

Jacques, citizen of Marseille, 3 weeks before invasion

Discover what's brewing in Africa and fight back the European invasion.

Command SAFE, NAFF and PMC armies, take part in covert operations and forge and break alliances as you need them.

Regain control of desolated European regions, capture military bases, steal equipment and call in deadly support from the skies.

Game features

Quick facts

  • Estimated release: end of 2019
  • Platforms: Windows (iOS and Linux are also planned)
  • 2 major factions: SAFE and NAFF
  • More than 25 modern unit types
  • More than 20 spectacular tactical strikes to help you out any time
  • Unreal Engine 4 graphics and physics
  • Fully destructible environment
  • Maps: up to 2 by 2 kilometers size
  • 2 singleplayer campaigns taking you all over Europe and Northern Africa
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and native – let the units talk in their original languages.


  • Intense fights: Action packed cooperative multiplayer – teamplay required!
  • 5 roles: Soldiers, Tanks, Air Defense and Support, Helicopters, Special Forces
  • 5 different game modes
  • Matchmaking: Play with people at your level – balanced matches guaranteed!
  • Rank up your profile, gain reputation, advance on the leaderboards, compare achievements and create clans
  • Tournament ready: Designed for competitive matches in 1vs1 / 5vs5 / 8vs8
  • PMCs: Create a Private Military Corporation and join battles with your personal army
  • Streaming directly from game servers – best performance while playing
  • Tactical Room: Save your games and craft strategies – your secret HQ

Game status

tactical strikes

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Current Version :
Alpha 1.0.5

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